A week-end in Dublin.

It is autumn, leaves are falling down, our environment wear its ochre coat and the temperatures are decreasing. Ideal time to discover Dublin and the friendliness of its legendary pubs. Here is a list (not complete) of all activities you could do during a little trip in the Irish capital.

  • Temple Bar


You cannot visit Dublin without getting lost into the little paved street of its Temple Bar district. From one bar to another you will discover local music bands often playing Anglo-Saxon classics of all times. You are then immersed into a timeless and warm atmosphere where people from around the world are singing all together. Time stand still around a local beer..until the next bar…until the end of the night.

  • Trinity college

Trinity college is one of the main attraction of Dublin. Situated at the heart of the capital, it is the first university of the country with approximately 15 000 students each year. Oxford and Cambridge were the references to built this university. The campus is open to the public and tourists can walk through a mix of old and new buildings. The old library is also a must to visit if you have time.

  • Christ Church Cathedral

Not far from the heart of Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral is also something that is worth going out of your way to see it. This cathedral, the oldest of the capital, has been built during the middle ages. Underneath has been constructed the biggest crypt of all british islands. Do not get lost !

  • St Stephen’s green


If you prefer wide green spaces than a piece of old irish architecture, then go to St Stephen’s Green for a short walk. Situated at the heart of the capital, this is the largest Georgian Style square of Dublin. It has been built during the 17th century. Former swampy space, St Stephen’s Green is now a green and peaceful place with a lake in its center. You come here to walk and watch the gooses and ducks that live here.

  • O’Connell street

For shopping lovers, O’Connell Street is probably the most famous place of the city to practice your favorite activity. Overlooked by the Spire, an impressive 120m high sculpture made of steel (It appears to be the highest sculpture in the world), O’Connell Street got a new energy since its renovation in 1999. Apart from the multitude of famous shops, you will also find on O’Connell street the headquarter of the Irish Post Office. If you have time during two shopping trip, I more than recommend you to take a look inside. You will not be disappointed. The avenue is also the largest in Europe with a distance of 49 meters between both sides.

  • Howth


Finally, if you wish to fully experience Ireland, why not make the most of your time on the island and go to the seaside to breathe the pure and salty air of the Irish sea.

You will not be disappointed by the little fishing village that is Howth. Situated 30 mins away from Dublin with train, Howth is the place where any Dubliner go to change their minds and stretch their legs during a short walk through the high and green cliffs. You better not have vertigo !
After your stroll do not hesitate to visit one of the many restaurants situated next to the harbor and serving excellent local fresh fishes.

The perfect PATRONS outfit to visit Dublin. 

Without any doubt, Ireland is a very humid and windy country. It is essential to bring warm and waterproof clothes with you. The windbreaker as well as the long woolen coat from PATRONS FW 15/16 collection may be two truly ally to fully enjoy your stay in Dublin and around. Just saying… ;)

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Slán leat !

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