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In 2012, PATRONS has been created with the ambition to offer a range of various pants that fit any men on earth. To pursue this idea, Vincent Schoepfer, the designer, developed different cuts.

Since summer 2015, PATRONS now offer a whole wardrobe to supplement its range of pants.

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We all enjoy wearing nice pants. They complete an outfit and it is very important that they do not flatten strangely on the shoes.

FLORIAN : The Casual

We all need pants to wear as soon as we get up, because we are late, and which match with almost any top of our wardrobe. The Florian has been developed with that perspective in mind. Adaptable to any style, the FLORIAN will also easily fit many men.

Its color range is also easy to associate with anything, this is a universal pants.

Its features : Slightly tight at calf level and wider at tight level.


Pantalon FLORIAN Grey


Pantalon Florian Beige


MAXENS : The Tailoring

Many wardrobes also need “formal” pants. PATRONS decided to offer a variety of summer colors for these spring/summer 2016 collection : Blue, Biscuit and Nude.

Very elegant, these MAXENS pants are an interesting alternative. It easily fit in many smart outfits and can also be involved in a more casual one. With a shirt and a pair of sneakers for instance.

With a half-slim cut, these pants are the tightest.

Pantalon Maxens Biscuit

MAXENS Biscuit

Pantalon MAXENS Blue


Z : The creative

Do not forget that PATRONS is historically specialized in pants. The emblematic cut of PATRONS, expected by many men each season, and also the most technical one is : the Z.  This time, the carrot cut completely change the proportions and volume of the silhouette.

The Z cut, allow you to add a fancy touch to your outfit, modifying the proportions of the silhouette and arousing interest. Wear it with a premium t-shirt or a fancy shirt. No doubt you will be noticed.

More details about the Z cut here.

It features : Loose at tight level, tight at calf level and double dart.


Pantalon Z Blue

Z Blue

Pantalon Z Blue Geometric

Z Blue Geometric


All our pants are available on our eShop, but also at our showroom in Paris and at selected resellers.

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