The perfect t-shirt for summer

Everyone has a pile of deformed and faded t-shirts lying somewhere in our closet. T-shirts which do not look good and we do not want to wear anymore. It is not easy to spend 10, 20 or even 30 euros for a quite basic cotton t-shirt that we are going to wear a couple of times. It is not even interesting to spend more than 10 euros for a t-shirt if you often change them.

If I tell you it is possible to buy a t-shirt that really stand out, what do you say ?

PATRONS offers a range of t-shirts made of linen and cotton that has nothing to do with what you have been wearing up to then. 100% natural materials guaranteed.

Let us see in details the features of such t-shirt :

  • Its cut. Carefully developed to offer a curved bottom without making sacrifice on the general aesthetic of the garment.


Patrons FW16 - Line White - 2

The bottom of the t-shirt is slightly curved on either sides.


With this curved bottom and a right length, the LINE t-shirt can fit in many looks.

The other main feature of the t-shirt is its cut at shoulders level.


Slightly loose at shoulders level for comfort and style.


Indeed the stitches arrive a little under the shoulders. It is a choice from PATRONS’ designer Vincent Schoepfer. It enhances comfort and style. A detail that you will find in some of our other pieces.

Badr from the blog Parisian Moon wear our LINE t-shirt in an “urban chic” outfit.

He wears our LINE t-shirt with our tweed pants from the Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection. The formal aspect of our tweed pants has been reduced with an hem. The hem also makes his beautiful sneakers more visible.
The LINE t-shirt brings a casual touch too.
This outfit is a mix of beautiful pieces majestically partnered. You may have noticed that only two colors has been used in that outfit : white and blue. And it is a perfect match



The use of accessories like a sporty watch or a pair of fancy sunglasses give more personality to the outfit. Well done Badr ;)

  • The second thing you must know about our LINE t-shirt is that it is made of great materials. It is a mix of linen and cotton. You immediately feel it when you wear it. The exact composition is 45% cotton and 55% linen.

Both materials are combined to give the best of each. You may already know the features of the cotton. It gives softness to any garment and is easy-care. But do you really know the characteristics of the linen. This material suffers from many stereotypes like it creases easily or it is not easy-care.

But linen has also great features. Like its absorption abilities. Linen can absorb up to 30% of its mass and yet stay dry. Even better, linen has also a great feature of heat regulation. Linen will keep your body at perfect temperature all day long.

So we just get around the problems of the linen by combining linen and cotton. At the end we keep the best of both materials. And one wonderful thing about this material is that more you wear it better it gets. Like a denim or a leather. The LINE t-shirt will be your new favorite…no doubt !

  • Finally, do not forget the finish.

A specific attention has been brought to the collar. It has a double topstitch. With this feature the collar will never coiled (very annoying when it happens). This is a really enjoyable little extra feature.

To illustrate my words we bought a t-shirt with the same price tag as our LINE and took a picture of each (see below).


Close-up tshirt lin Patrons



On the left : The PATRONS’ Line t-shirt has a double topstitch. We can notice that the collar is well flatten against the body of the t-shirt.

On the right : The t-shirt has no double topstitch. The back of the collar come off a little bit and with the age or when badly ironed the collar will coiled.

Our LINE t-shirt is available in 4 colors : Blue, Beige, Rust and Nude.

Cheerio !

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