The timeless PATRONS leather goods

For the SS16 PATRONS launch, we are introducing a new line of leather goods complimenting the whole collection.

Those leather goods are replacing the former seasons’ canvas backpacks to become an accessory you will need regardless of the season. As part of the same dynamic, it is the occasion to discover leather goods of smaller sizes, such as wallets and card holders. Here, the timelessness of such an assortment echoes with its own harmony.

Two colours are available: navy and nude.

Maroquinerie PATRONS

Natural leather will acquire patina in a singular way over time: in the end, every piece will be different in function oo its owner and its own experience. Do not hesitate to customise it to make it even more personal.



A homogenous patina that turns this accessory into a very personal object



The part of the laptop case protected by the flap has kept the original leather hue before the apparition of patina


Tranche Laptop Case

The laptop case is equipped with a flap compartment and a zipped one


In terms of care advice, be careful to repeated exposure to water. When it does happen, do not forget to wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Afterwards, let it dry naturally, not too close to a heat source, such as a heater or a fireplace.

You can waterproof your PATRONS item by using a leather friendly product, which can be made from aloe vera or beeswax for instance,… Avoid products made of silicon that will completely obstruct the leather pores and make it crackle over time. Famaco and Saphir are two brands you can use without any problem.

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